The funkis name

The word Funkis is an abbreviation of the Swedish word "funktionalism" which refers to the Functionalist style developed in the early 20 century. It was not only an architectural and furniture concept, it represented a whole new movement "to change the world". Everything was to be changed, the whole society, from town planning, architecture, furniture down to the very way people lived. The world at this point had a very positive outlook on the future and the big change industrialisation could bring to not only the rich but everyone in society.

For world famous Swedish Architects like Gunnar Asplund, a lot of what he did was built on his love for the democracy. He believed that the way the cities were built in the future should benefit everyone, to give everyone "a place in the sun" (“funkis stilen som byggde Sverige” Ingrid Sommar. Forum). This thinking is the very base for “funkis Swedish forms” as a business idea.

funkis own design

Most of our collection is made in Sweden but today we also manufacture our clothing, jewellery and fabric collections here in Australia. Our designs have a strong Swedish influence, with some textile prints being designed by select Swedish freelance designers. Most of our design is deliberately timeless, like our clogs and sandal range which have been part of our collection since 1996. Excellent quality in both design and material is essential to us and our customers. We insist on offering products that are different and "exclusive" (yet affordable)

funkis stores

In the 90’s our first store mobler, imported Swedish antiques to Australia (hopefully you are one of the lucky once that ended up with a piece of Swedish history!). This was getting increasingly difficult as over time we had to fight over every piece with the New York and London dealers. The world had discovered the functionalist furniture treasures of Sweden and we felt it was now time to move on. We realized that some of the designs we bought at auctions were designs still in production and thought it would be much easier to just order another when needed, and so funkis was born.

funkis opened its first store in 1996 in Bondi Beach and quickly became a favourite for Sydney stylists and savvy consumers. Thanks to all the support from magazines in the form of editorial over the years funkis grew into one of the leading design boutiques in Australia. (Thank you to all of you who helped to make the funkis store in the back water of Bondi into what funkis is today). The collection was mainly Swedish Design such as Bruno Mathsson and Bla Station and Kinnasand but we also sold other Scandinavian designs such as Marimekko, Le Klint and Arabia. Many of the designs we still sell today as part of the original range. By the time the magazine "Wallpaper" did its first Sydney Guide and funkis was selected as a must see “highly edited Scandinavian design store”, funkis second store was already in the making.

Our Sydney Strand Arcade store opened its doors in 2001 and became the excuse to release our own funkis clothing range. By then we had already started to design some of our own funkis lighting and fabrics. So being in the Strand gave us a reason to expand into fashion and grow our design team. This proved to be a successful combination with the first design, funkis A-line skirt, still in production today.

We established our website www.funkis.com in 1998 and our online store was launched in 2005. Today we have two retail stores - in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, and our store in the Strand in Melbourne's CBD.

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