Growing up in a non wasteful society like Sweden, where recycling and re-growth forest was established over 50 years ago , you have a inherent sense of looking after the environment. You are thought to think globally, that it is not just about you and there is a need to form a long term approach. At funkis, we are proud to only manufacture in Australia and Sweden. The advanced industrial policies result in safer products, better labor conditions, proper wages, as well as higher environmental standards.

In order to do our bit to help bring about the shift to a greener society, funkis has already:

  • started a program to become carbon neutral
  • implemented recycling of all office and warehouse packaging
  • no plastic garment packaging and all other packaging is recycled
  • use 100% accredited green power
  • introduced eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper and biodegradable detergent in our offices and stores.
  • sourced environmentally sound raw materials, such as the plantation timber used in our clogs, vegetable dyed leather for our clogs and bags and organic cotton in our clothing range
  • built our collections around small run, on demand, non seasonal manufacturing, this way we have minimal excess stock and wastage
  • contributed to and supported a number of organisations working towards a more sustainable environment
  • commitment to further reduce funkis environmental footprint
funkis organic range
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