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Freja is swedish stockings cosy, ribbed knee highs. They are made with the softest merino wool to provide extra warmth and comfort for your legs! Here’s why you’ll love her:

- Knit ribbed knee-highs
- Semi opaque
- Soft and broad cuff
- Toe reinforcements
- 100% emission free knee-highs
- Knitted from organic merino wool

Freja is knitted in their zero-waste, emission free facility in Italy.
Composition: 50% merino wool, 47% polyamide, 3% elastane.

Please wash your stockings with the utmost care. Hand wash or wash on a delicate cycle and do not tumble dry or iron.

Norwegian brand, manufacturing in Lithuania and farmers in Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

For more than 160 years, Devold has developed wool products with unbeatable comfort, quality and protection. Merino wool designed for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and professionals who work in demanding conditions.

Since the 1960s, thousands of Norwegian and foreign expeditions have used Devold. Wool has protected everything from sweaty foreheads to frozen toes, both in the North Pole and in the South Pole.

Why Merino Wool?

Absorption - Merino wool fights cold weather, and keeps you warm even if you get wet or humid.

Insulation - Clothes made from merino wool are good insulators, because of the wrinkled merino fibres. This structure causes millions of small air pockets to hold on to the body heat, creating a buffer against the cold.

Regulation of temperature - Merino wool naturally controls temperature. It regulates by absorbing and releasing moisture. If it gets hot, the wool will make sure to cool itself down by evaporation.

Odour control - Merino wool has a constant and natural resistance to the growth of microorganisms. The wool can be used for several days without starting to smell anything, if the fabric is dried and hung out for air after use.

Healthy microclimate - The merino wool's ability to regulate temperature and humidity, as well as its antibacterial finesse, will help create a healthy microclimate for your skin - which in turn can soothe eczema and other skin problems.

Woolmark - Devold is licensed by Woolmark and is permitted to use the symbols on their products. The symbols guarantee that the products meet the quality requirements established and controlled by The Woolmark Company. More about Woolmark

Easy-care - Merino wool is easy to care for. Most of the wool from Devold can be washed in the machine. The "Easy-Care" process prevents shrinkage and other unwanted surprises.

UV Protection - Wool also absorbs UV radiation, providing a natural protection against the sun. The strength may vary from UPF 20 to 50+ depending on the density and colour of the fabric.

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